My story

Моя история

There is a 5-year-old boy named Andrei. Andrei is an extremely joyful boy, full of energy, very bright and funny. One day in May, when he was 4 years old, he tried to get up and go to the kindergarten, but he couldn’t as his balance was severely damaged. The next day he was worse. The third day, his parents took him to the emergency room because they noticed a slight paralysis of the right side of the body. At the emergency room they ran all the tests and a CT and after 5 hours they gave him a diagnosis of inoperable cerebral trunk tumor. They gave him 2 weeks to live. His parents decided to do everything that could be done, even though they were told to leave him to die with dignity. Andrei and his parents left for Hungary, where he was exposed to 6 weeks of radio and chemotherapy, being under anesthesia daily. After 3 weeks while the treatment was paused, his situation got worse and he needed a surgery to drain the cyst. After the intervention, Andrei was better, however, now after 7 months he needs another surgery. This time he needs an open brain surgery. This intervention will be done in Germany and the costs are much higher than his parents can afford. Andrei has lots of friends who wanted to help him financially during this period and the time has come for this to happen.

Hello friend of Andrei!

The expenses for the operation, hospitalisation, biopsy and cellular analysis and a few others are around 40 000 EURO.

The operation will probably be done in the week 25-31 of March 2019.


“Thanks you for all your support!” Andrei


Please use one of the following accounts:

Holder: Ferdean Antonina

Bank: Raiffeisen BANK

Tara: Romania
Adressa: Timisoara
Cod postal: 300011
Cod BIC Raiffeisen Bank: RZBRROBU

RON   IBAN : RO93 RZBR 0000 0600 1589 6728

EURO IBAN: RO21 RZBR 0000 0600 2077 6348